write someting to remind me

I am always shy to admit I spent much time on English , However, I accept the truth I didn’t stuck to it for long period . I don’t know whether it is the reason that made me shy . After picking it up once again , I don’t care what I can get but want to do more in silence Trademark China.

Reading is the most important in the daily route,I am going to read books again and again until I can recognize all the words and sentence . just do it please !

Writing is the second one , It is not the perfect one in all the articles but I will do it try my best . because I believe :practice makes perfect Tent Rental hong kong.

Looking over English words and don’t consider how many I can get into my brain Master of Public Administration hong kong.

Listening is an ordinary as long as I have time to spend , especially while walking and washing . It is hard for me to finish it according to plan


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